EPP 40 Years Spotlight

– we proudly celebrate with the momentous Anniversary Edition of EPP 7-8/16.
Logo_40yearsspotlight_englPresenting a special opportunity to showcase your company, leading products, exceptional design and most innovative product solutions for electronics manufacturing alongside your advertisement – a unique combination with striking impact, select your EPP Anniversary Package:

  • Basic package
    Company Profile or Advertisement or Company Profile/Ad.
    1/1 Page 4 Colour : € 2,400.-
  • Premium Package
    Company Profile or Advertisemnent or Company Profile/Ad.
    2/1 Page 4 Colour : € 3,600.-
  • Anniversary Bonus
    Send us a copy of your oldest advertisement in EPP (inc. Cover) or the Cover of the oldest edition of EPP that you have on file and you will receive an additional 1% discount for each year that has passed since that date!

More information see media kit here.
EPP 40 Years Spotlight Presentation
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